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Celedonio Romero was the father of three famous guitarists: Celin, Pepe, and Angel Romero. The four of them together would become the most famous and accomplished guitar quartet of the 20th century. The Celedonio Romero Institute seeks to share and preserve Celedonio's pedagogy, history, and his love of the guitar and people. The  Celedonio Romero Institute brings has been called the most important Spanish Guitar Institute in the United States. 

The institute attracts competition winners, rising stars, old friends, aficionados, and enthusiasts to come and work together in a non-competitive, but intensive and demanding environment. The institute accepts up to 24 distinguished students through an audition process from around the world, who study directly with Los Romeros, and then in turn give lessons to up to 150 Oklahoma metro students. 

This year we are raising $40,000 to offer scholarships and provide low to no-cost lessons for OKCPS and other metro students. If you are interested in donating to this world-renowned program please contact Matthew Denman at

"I still have yet to find another festival that has formed a family of attendees in the way that this one has and suspect that there is a chance that I may never find another quite like this one." 

Gwenyth Aggelar - Peabody Conservatory

Gwenyth Aggelar

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